Safe studying at the JHL Institute

The JHL Institute operates in such a way that students can participate in courses safely, both at the institute and in the regions. The purpose is to stop the spread of coronavirus, and to create as safe a study environment as possible. The institute will also intervene in all kinds of harassment. It has two harassment contact persons who are there for people who have encountered harassment.

Coronavirus measures

  • The course premises and other premises are organised in such a way that there is plenty of room, which makes it possible to keep the safe distance recommended by authorities.
  • Because of safety arrangements in the course premises, we have to restrict the number of course participants.
  • Enhanced cleaning is conducted, and there is hand sanitiser available.
  • In terms of the protective equipment for students and teachers, we comply with authorities’ recommendations. Students, teachers and personnel are advised to avoid unnecessary physical contacts, take care of their hand hygiene and keep safe distances.
  • Teachers will organise teaching in such a way that exercises and communication are possible while taking into account safe distances. Courses start at different times, which also goes for meal breaks and other breaks.
  • Avoid sharing study equipment. Students are recommended to use their own computer or mobile device.

Students who are unable to take part in contact teaching are instructed to participate in an online course, if possible. For some of the Institute’s courses, distance education is the only teaching method.

We aim to accommodate students in single rooms without charging an additional fee. If students cannot be accommodated in single rooms due to many bookings, they are accommodated in double rooms with the student’s consent. The Institute requires that the hotels strive to ensure the health and safety of the JHL Institute’s students in every way.

We will pay the regular kilometre allowance notified by the Finnish Tax Administration (46 cents per kilometre). The institute in Helsinki has a few parking places for course participants. If you travel by public transport, book your travel ticket on time with flexible cancellation after receiving the course confirmation message.

Please remember: if you are ill or have symptoms, you cannot take part in the course.

Even if you have mild flu symptoms, you cannot participate in the course. In addition, those who have recovered from an illness must follow authorities’ instructions on the waiting period before coming to the institute. If you get ill, you have symptoms, or if you suspect you have been in contact with someone who has contracted the coronavirus, please cancel your course registration.

Let’s look after each other!

For more information, contact Education Advice: send an e-mail to or call 010 7703 510 (Mon-Thu, 10 am to 2 pm).

JHL Institute’s harassment contact persons

JHL Institute’s objective is to offer everyone a safe, equal and pleasant learning environment. The starting point is respect for others. We will intervene in all kinds of harassment and inappropriate behaviour.

The JHL Institute has two harassment contact persons. They are there for students who have encountered harassment, bullying, discrimination, racist or sexist behaviour, or other inappropriate treatment.

Hanna Takolander Hanna Takolander
Tel. 044 0750 850
E-mail address format:
Tapani Eskola Tapani Eskola
Tel. 050 465 6052
E-mail address format:

If you encounter harassment or other inappropriate treatment during a course, do not hesitate to get in touch with a harassment contact person. It is completely confidential to get in touch. The harassment contact persons have an obligation to remain silent.  Their duty is to help resolve the situation and agree on possible further measures with you.

If you wish, you can also get in touch with the teacher of the course or the institute’s principal.