Operation objectives and JHL’s strategy

JHL’s basic mission is to promote working conditions, income security and the terms and conditions of employment together with its members.

Focus on members, fairness, and boldness. These are the starting points of JHL’s operation.  The union promotes members’ interests by protecting their interests and negotiating. In addition, it makes sure that workplaces continue to have good abilities and competence related to protection of interests.

Members and their well-being are the reason why the union is further developing local branch activities. The aim is to support the recruitment of new members, and to inspire members to join local branch activities.

JHL’s objective is to be a strong and competent actor when it comes to protection of interests related to working life and being an expert at all levels.

JHL wants to provide the best protection of interests in work communities, both regionally and nationally.

Union strategy 2022

In the union’s vision, JHL is a gathering force operating as the strongest trade union in workplaces and society. The strategy has been updated based on the results of a member survey. The union strategy 2022 is more concise, clearer, more engaging and more goal oriented.

The union has three values: Focus on members, fairness, and boldness. Fairness and focus on members were mentioned in the previous strategy, but boldness is a new value.

The basic objective of JHL is to work together with its members to promote members’ working conditions, terms and conditions of employment, income security and their position in life and society.

The union’s strategic objectives are, among others, an increased number of union members and an improved income along with better terms and conditions of employment for members. In addition, the union wants to strengthen the impact of organisational strength and local protection of interests. There is a desire to increase organisational cooperation and to form new coalitions for protection of interests.

To reach its strategic objectives, the union will put many measures and projects into practice during the Union Council period, as it monitors its operating environment.

The video below sums up JHL’s union strategy (in Finnish).