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Negotiations on reviewing the level of municipal and welfare sector’s pay raises are under way

At the moment, negotiations are being conducted on the pay raises of municipal and wellbeing services county employees for June.

At the beginning of February, Trade Union JHL, Jyty and JUKO (the parties representing employees of municipalities and wellbeing services sectors) demanded that negotiations are started in order to review the sector’s pay raise level. The demand was based on the so-called comparison sector entry of the agreement solution from 8 June 2022. On the basis of the entry, the pay raise level of the municipal and welfare sector will reflect that of the industry.

The negotiations are now under way. The goal is to finish the negotiations on the amounts of pay raise instalments for June by the beginning of March. We will inform about the result as soon as possible after an agreement has been reached and the executive bodies of the parties have approved the negotiation result.

– Negotiations have been conducted in good spirit, with an aim of finding a solution, and in accordance with the entries that were agreed on in June. In any case, the sector’s salaries will be increased in June, that’s for sure, JHL President Päivi Niemi-Laine comments.

– What makes the timetable more urgent is that negotiations on various local arrangement instalments must be conducted in municipalities and wellbeing services counties before the beginning of June. Obviously the local parties need to have clarity about the amounts of both the general raise and various arrangement instalments before those negotiations, JHL’s Bargaining Director Kristian Karrasch sheds light on the situation.