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Benefit for JHL members: Puhti helps you look after your health

JHL provides a membership benefit related to looking after health. The Puhti service enables you to get a snapshot of your health status and what you should make an effort with when maintaining your health. The service offers, say, health checks and various test packages.

Puhti not only offers ready-made test packages and single tests for measuring and further developing wellness, but also coaching for mental and physical wellness.

JHL members get a 15% discount on Puhti test packages and tests by using the code JHL15. The offer is valid until 31 December 2023. The benefit does not apply to gift cards.

You can take tests without a doctor’s referral in several localities around Finland. The results are available in the “Oma Puhti” service, and you can take them with you when visiting, say, a doctor or nutritionist.

Learn about the test packages and make use of the member offer! (in Finnish)

For instance, “Puhti-terveystarkastus” includes 30 indicators that give you versatile health information. It includes a complete blood count and information on cholesterol, blood sugar, vitamin D, ferritin, inflammatory condition, and thyroid, liver and kidney function.