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Wellbeing services counties to start operating at the turn of the year – over 25,000 employees will get a new employer and collective agreement

At the turn of the year, over 25,500 municipal employees will start working for a new employer. Their new employer will be a wellbeing services county. In addition, their collective agreement will change into HYVTES, the general collective agreement for wellbeing services counties.

The new agreement will not yet enter into force on 1 January 2023. At first, the wellbeing services counties will comply with the stipulations of KVTES (general collective agreement for the municipal sector) and TS (municipal collective agreement for technical personnel). The HYVTES changes are mainly technical. The terms and conditions of employment will not be weakened.

HYVTES will determine the general terms and conditions of employment for wellbeing services counties. These include annual holiday, leaves of absence, and shop steward stipulations. Apart from pay, working hours and other divergent stipulations, the HYVTES stipulations will also apply to employees and office-holders that are transferring to wellbeing services counties and that are covered by the SOTE agreement and physicians’ agreement LS.

For instance employer names, various references, and dates will be updated in HYVTES stipulations. Unnecessary stipulations will be removed, such as the family day carer and farm helper appendices and stipulations related to teachers, because these groups will not transfer to wellbeing services counties.

Approximately 6,000 JHL members are transferring to HYVTES – about 4,000 of them from KVTES (municipal agreement), 2,000 from TS (agreement for technical personnel) and a few dozen from TTES (agreement for hourly-paid employees). The final numbers will only be known after the transfer to wellbeing services counties is complete and the employees have been placed within their correct agreements, either within HYVTES, SOTE (health and social services sector agreement) or LS (physicians’ agreement). No TS or TTES agreements will enter into force in wellbeing services counties, so the TS stipulations will be added in a HYVTES appendix.

The HYVTES negotiations will continue until February. The goal is to get the agreement to enter into force as soon as possible.

More information:
Bargaining Specialist Marko Heikkinen, 040 7130 150
Bargaining Specialist (TS) Karita Alanko, 050 302 5246