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Have you always wanted to play in a band? Trade Union JHL’s new membership benefit includes a free trial period and discount on virtual music courses

Want to become the next top musician? Try out the virtual Rockway courses for one month for free. After that, you’ll get this Trade Union JHL membership benefit at a 40 per cent discount.

Trade Union JHL has another new membership benefit for its members. JHL members now get access to the service at an affordable price. The JHL membership benefit includes a free one-month trial period. After that, you can continue training at a 40 per cent discount. is a Finnish service for adult music enthusiasts. It has 15,000 instruction videos about playing band instruments and singing meant for all kinds of enthusiasts, from beginners to more advanced musicians. Rockway also enables you to improve your song-writing skills.

Redeem your benefit at (site in Finnish).

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