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Expected raises to allowances for travel expenses in 2023

The Finnish Tax Administration has made a decision on the tax-exempt allowances for travel expenses for 2023. The kilometre allowance will be raised, same goes for the Finnish daily allowance.

As expected, kilometre allowances will be raised in 2023. In 2022, the allowance was 46 cents per kilometre. Next year, the allowance will be raised by seven cents to 53 cents per kilometre. The raise in kilometre allowance is most affected by an increase in the average prices of fuel and cars, and an increase in electricity price.

In 2023, the Finnish daily allowance will be raised by three euros to 48 euros in total. Partial daily allowance will be raised by two euros to a total of 22 euros next year.  The reason for the raise is an increase in restaurant food prices.

Foreign daily allowances will be raised in 196 countries and reduced in eight countries. In seven countries, the foreign daily allowance will remain on the 2022 level.

Learn more about the allowances: Tax Administration website