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New membership benefits! Discounted reading for darkening autumn evenings

As a membership benefit, you’ll get 20 per cent off on Voima magazine and the digital subscription to Le Monde diplomatique & Novaja Gazeta magazine.

What could be more wonderful in the autumn than to curl up under a blanket with a cup of coffee and a magazine? We’re happy to announce our new membership benefits – quality reading for you at a discounted price. JHL members are entitled to a 20% discount on Voima and Le Monde diplomatique & Novaja Gazeta. Happy reading!


Voima -lehden logo. Valkoisella taustalla lukee mustalla teksillä Voima.

Based on the number of prints, Voima is Finland’s largest cultural magazine. It raises societal themes from abroad and from Finland. The magazine has been published since 1999.

JHL members get 20% off on all normal-priced products in Voima’s webshop. Redeem the discount by entering the discount code VoimaJHL at checkout.

In addition to Voima’s annual subscription, the webshop selection includes societal literature, clothes and posters. Subscribe here: (page in Finnish).

Le Monde diplomatique & Novaja Gazeta

Le Monde diplomatique & Novaja Gazeta -lehden logo. Lehden nimi lukee tekstinä vaaleaa taustaa vasten.

The Le monde diplomatique & Novaja Gazeta magazine contains no-nonsense facts about the world and familiarises the readers with the latest political twists and turns The Le Monde diplomatique magazine is published in 18 different languages, there are 29 various editions. A special feature of Finland’s “Diplo” is that it also publishes articles originally published in the Russian newspaper Novaja Gazeta. It also includes a Finnish literature annex.

JHL members get 20% off on the digital Diplo subscription. Redeem the discount by entering the discount code DiploJHL at checkout. Subscribe here: (page in Finnish).

Trade Union JHL’s members are entitled to lots of different membership benefits. If traditional reading is not your thing, we also offer discounts on audiobook services! To browse our membership benefits, go here.