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Great benefit for Trade Union JHL members available at Neste service stations: Members get discount on petrol and diesel

JHL members fill up the tank more affordably. Members get a discount of 2.1 cent for each litre of petrol or diesel paid for with the Neste app. The discount applies to Neste service stations.

Trade Union JHL has again introduced new benefits for its members. As a JHL member, you’ll fill up the tank more affordably at Neste service stations. For the location of the closest service station, visit the Neste website. The discount is valid as of Wednesday 17 August 2022.

Members get a discount of 2.1 cent per litre on the price of fuel. The benefit applies to both petrol and diesel. The discount is not available at Neste Truck or Neste Express stations.

Get the discount by paying with app

At the moment, JHL’s member price is only valid when the purchase is paid with the Neste mobile app. We’re looking into adding the benefit to JHL’s membership card.

Remember that the benefit is only for members of JHL.

Join Trade Union JHL

How to redeem the fuel benefit

  1. Download the Neste app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  2. Register as a user.
  3. Add your JHL membership information.
  4. Add your payment card information. The accepted cards are Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Apple Pay is also accepted as a payment method.

Read more detailed instructions on using the app.