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Assembly meeting of Trade Union JHL’s Union Council: JHL should provide Finland’s most effective protection of interests

Eija Paananen continues as Union Council Chair. She encourages the representatives to look towards the future despite difficult times. The representatives should have the strength, boldness and integrity to start tackling the members’ shared goals.

Eija Paananen describes the previous Union Council’s five-year term of office as challenging. By no means are the difficult times behind us as the new Union Council starts its term.

– The war in Ukraine, inflation running wild, and public-sector negotiations. There would be plenty to chew on even in one of them, Paananen stated in the speech she made to the Union Council in its assembly meeting.

The labour market is tumultuous, and the business life is exerting continuous pressure to extend market conformity, also in the municipal sector. Paananen predicts that these attempts will definitely not decrease during future rounds of negotiations.

– I believe everyone here shares my opinion when I emphasise that not everything is about business and competition.

Strong protection of interests

Paananen regards it as especially important that the Union Council focuses constantly on the union’s shared goals and aims. We also cannot neglect evaluating the union’s administration and Union Council.

– Only then can we be an organisation with an ability to function.

The Union Council chair reminded those who are starting their term in office in JHL’s highest executive body, and experienced representatives, that the Union Council not only has power but also responsibility for the members and the protection of their interests. According to Eija Paananen, JHL must be aiming for Finland’s most effective protection of interests. No more, no less.

– This is a tough goal, but we have to try. It’s not an impossible goal, Paajanen sums up.