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Negotiation result for Avainta

Negotiations on the new AVAINTES collective agreement have ended. The agreement has to be approved by the negotiation parties' executive bodies.

The negotiations on a new collective agreement started in January 2022. They have finally been brought to a close.

We will give more information about the content as soon as the negotiation parties’ executive bodies have approved the agreement. JHL’s Union Council will assemble to process the negotiation result on Thursday 16 June 2022.

In terms of SEURETES (Seure Employees Services collective agreement), the negotiations are still ongoing.

In addition to Trade Union JHL, the parties negotiating on the AVAINTES collective agreement are Jyty, JUKO, OAJ, KTN and employers’ association Avaintyönantajat Avainta ry.

Additional information
Bargaining Specialist Riitta Rautiainen, 040 060 2736
Bargaining Specialist Hanna Haukkasalo, 050 434 1299
Bargaining Director Kristian Karrasch, 040 728 9046