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The rush continues: 10,000 new JHL members already before mid-year!

Our group is now even stronger than before: During the beginning of the year, we’ve attracted a record number of new JHL members. You too should join already today!

Right now, Trade Union JHL is attracting new members at a furious rate. By mid-May, we reached a whopping 10,000 new members.

You too should become a member!

During the beginning of the year, JHL’s efforts to defend its members’ interests at negotiation tables have received publicity. We’ve also speeded up the negotiations with strikes and bans on overtime and shift swaps.

– A tough situation makes people realise the significance of membership. The spring of strikes makes the significance of trade union membership more tangible, JHL’s director of organisational affairs Pertti Paajanen assumes.

Members get support, security and excellent benefits!

Trade Union JHL works every day to ensure that its members’ pay and terms and conditions of employment remain good. As a member, you’re also entitled to free legal aid, travel insurance, and a continuously  expanding selection of other value-for-money benefits!

JHL is the most affordable trade union of the welfare sectors

This year, JHL is Finland’s best and also most affordable trade union of the welfare sectors. The membership fee is exactly one per cent of your gross income, check the amount of your membership fee!