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Main municipal agreement still being applied, period of notice of termination is six months

On Wednesday 11 May, the Negotiation Organisation for Public Sector Professionals (JUKO) terminated the main municipal agreement. The agreement’s period of notice of termination is six months. During this period, the main agreement is complied with and applied in its entirety. The rules apply to all agreement parties.

The main municipal agreement has stipulations on, say, local agreement, and on how disagreements are solved. These paragraphs are complied with normally as until now. At this stage, workplaces have no reason to change their methods of operation.

Terminating the main agreement has to do with a need to change the agreement’s content. Changes are needed because the wellbeing services counties will start their service production at the beginning of 2023.  The previous main agreement must be terminated so that a new agreement can be concluded.  JUKO’s notice of termination terminates the agreement for all parties. JHL, too, regards the termination of the agreement as a necessary contractual measure.

During the entire spring of collective agreement negotiations, the new main agreement has been negotiated on as part of the municipal agreement negotiations. There is no negotiation result yet.

When new decisions are made about the main agreement, Trade Union JHL will inform its local negotiators.