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European trade unions support Trade Union JHL’s industrial actions

Trade Union JHL has received an encouraging message of solidarity from the European Federation EPSU. The message offers encouragement for continuing the industrial actions in order to achieve pay raises in the municipal sector.

The European Federation of Public Service Unions EPSU has expressed its support of JHL’s and Jyty’s industrial actions in the municipal sector’s labour dispute. Together, JHL and Jyty form the negotiation organisation JAU.

The letter also states that EPSU, too, regards the National Conciliator’s conciliation proposal as completely insufficient. According to EPSU’s General Secretary Jan Willem Goudriaan, the hard work that the municipal sector’s employees have done during the pandemic has obviously not been taken into account in any way. He encourages JHL members to continue to exert pressure in order to get proper pay.

The European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) advocates for those working in the public sectors. It acts as an advocate in, say, the European Parliament and the Commission. EPSU represents 8 million public-services employees. Its objective is to improve the working conditions of public sectors, promote health and safety in workplaces, and strengthen employee rights.