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JHL has terminated its cooperation agreement with Teboil

Trade Union JHL has terminated its cooperation agreement with the company Teboil. Teboil is a subsidiary company of Lukoil, a Russian oil company. Ending the cooperation is a protest to Russia’s military actions in Ukraine.

Because of Russia’s inhumane attack to Ukraine, Trade Union for the Public and Welfare Sectors JHL has terminated its cooperation partnership with Teboil. The fuel benefit mentioned on JHL’s plastic membership card is no longer valid. The union is looking for an alternative service provider.

– The Russian attack is cruel and a violation of all international agreements, JHL President Päivi Niemi-Laine says.

JHL is demanding Russia to stop the war immediately. JHL’s Executive Committee strongly condemns the Russian actions. It also supports the free state of Ukraine and its people by, say, donating humanitarian aid through Unicef and Finnish Red Cross.

More information: JHL President Päivi Niemi-Laine, 040 702 4772