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Tomorrow is the last day for postal voting in JHL’s Union Council elections – electronic voting is possible until the beginning of March

Friday 18 February is the last day for postal voting in Trade Union JHL's Union Council elections. If you vote by post, mail the voting envelope by tomorrow at the latest. Electronic voting ends at the beginning of March.

Are you intending to vote in JHL’s Union Council elections by post? You are now running out of time, because the voting envelope must be mailed by tomorrow, Friday 18 February at the latest.

Electronic voting is possible until 12 pm on Tuesday 1 March. For instructions on how to vote electronically, watch this video.

Candidate selection engine helps find the right candidate

JHL’s candidate selection engine reveals the candidates’ tones of voice! Do you want your candidate to reduce pay gaps or decrease the number of JHL branches? What do they think about industrial actions or the membership fee of your trade union?  Answer the statements in the candidate selection engine to find the best candidate for you! The candidate selection engine enables you to filter the candidates by for example age, gender, and local branch.

To see who the candidates are, visit In the main menu, select CANDIDATES.

Vote and you may win an e-bike or a EUR 1,000 gift card

Those who have voted will participate in Trade Union JHL’s draw. In the draw, the prizes are three e-bikes and five EUR 1,000 S Group gift cards.

If you vote by post, there is an identifier on the elections envelope. With the help of the identifier, you will participate in the draw. If you vote electronically, JHL will receive the information necessary for the draw through the elections system.

However, your trade union JHL looks after ballot confidentiality, and a vote that has been cast cannot be associated with the voter who cast it. An authorized election implementer outside JHL is in charge of technical implementation and counting of votes for the elections. The union personnel do not process ballots or votes in any way.