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Late orders of our 2022 calendar are no longer delivered – ensure you’ll get your calendar next year

After January 31, it hasn’t been possible to make a late order for our 2022 member calendar. JHL member, make sure you’ll get the free-of-charge member calendar next year.

This year’s member calendar will be automatically posted to new members of Trade Union JHL. Late orders are no longer delivered.

You can order the free-of-charge calendar for 2023 in myJHL. If you’ve marked in your details that you wish to order the calendar, you’ll continue to receive it free of charge. You won’t have to make a separate order every year.

If you won’t need the calendar in the future, let us know in myJHL. At the same time, you should check that your contact details and employment information are up to date in the union register.

To order the calendar or cancel it, go to myJHL and select PRODUCTS AND ORDERS.

If you haven’t ever logged into myJHL, read about the service and how to log in.