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JHL member, keep an eye on your post: Only a week to go until voting starts, elections letters are already on the way!

Trade Union JHL member, now it's really worth it to vote! When you cast your vote in JHL’s elections, you may win a EUR 1,000 gift card or an e-bike. Voting will start on 7 February and continue until 1 March.

Soon it’s time to decide who will wield the highest decision-making power in Trade Union JHL during the next five years. The 120 Union Council representatives will be elected in JHL’s elections. Voting period will begin on Monday 7 February.

By voting you will also participate in a draw in which we are giving out five EUR 1,000 gift cards and three e-bikes!

Remember to vote in time

You can vote either electronically or by sending the ballot by post. In January, we have sent Trade Union JHL’s members an elections letter. In the letter, you can find a ballot, return envelope, and a list of candidates. Find the suitable candidate for you, either in the list or in the candidate selection engine, and go vote. JHL’s candidate selection engine will open on 7 February as the voting period begins!

Electronic voting is open until 12 pm on 1 March. To vote, go to

Postal voting will end much sooner. If you vote by post, mail the voting envelope at the latest on 18 February.