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Information about the candidates of JHL’s elections: 869 names, two large groups and a substantial female majority

In the elections this February, 120 members will be elected to JHL’s Union Council. The group of candidates represents great diversity, just like JHL's members! Remember to cast your vote, voting will start on 7 February.

The elections are getting closer, we have revealed the candidates! There will be 120 members elected for the Union Council. Here is information about the candidates in a nutshell.

A total of 869 candidates were nominated. They were nominated by two electoral alliances – one formed by JHL’s social democrats and those who are politically independent (517 candidates), and one formed by the left wing and those who are politically independent (346 candidates). Six candidates represent no electoral alliance.

Candidates were nominated from all agreement sectors that have a set quota on the number of seats in the elections: Municipality (556 candidates), private sector (252), Finnish state (45) and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland (9). In addition, there are seven students without a pre-determined sector involved.

The median age is 48 years. The youngest candidate is 18 years old, the oldest is 67. Out of the candidates, 57 per cent are female, 43 per cent male. Candidates were nominated by 209 JHL member branches and 10 constituency associations.

Just like in previous years, chief shop stewards are the largest single group of candidates. In terms of numbers, there were fewer candidates nominated than in the previous Union Council elections in 2017. However, in relation to the number of eligible voters, there are nearly as many candidates as five years ago, relatively speaking.