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Close to 900 candidates in JHL’s elections, find the most suitable one and vote in February!

The candidate nomination for JHL's elections ended on Wednesday 15 December. The number of candidates is huge! Close to 900 members want to be involved in deciding on Trade Union JHL's future direction.

There are now plenty of candidates to choose from. A total of 873 candidates are running for Trade Union JHL’s elections. There are two large electoral alliances. One has candidates representing Social Democrats, the other has candidates representing Left Alliance. Both electoral alliances also have independent candidates.

The exact number will be revealed in January 2022, which is when the Central Elections Committee confirms the candidates.

Find the right tone of voice and vote in Trade Union JHL’s elections. The voting period will start on 7 February and end on 1 March 2022. The candidate selection engine will already open in January. It enables you to easily look for the most suitable candidate for yourself. There is plenty of information yet to come on voting and everything else related to the elections. Stay tuned to JHL’s website and social media channels!

JHL provides the candidates with a comprehensive material package for their campaign work. Visit the elections website to download social media pictures, candidate logos and posters, and prepare for the electoral combat!