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Thank your co-worker and help the world’s most vulnerable children

Nose Day, a Finnish charity campaign, will be here soon! This year, the theme of the charity collection is “thank you”. Donate a small amount to JHL's collection, say thank you to your co-worker, and promote decent working conditions in developing countries!

Nose Day is gathering funds to help the most vulnerable children of the world. This year, Trade Union JHL is inviting all its members to take part in the charity collection challenge and thank their co-workers. Donate a small amount, thank your co-worker for a job well done, and help children of the world!

Donate online or by text message!

Take part in JHL’s Nose Day challenge online (in Finnish). You can select the amount you wish to donate. You can also participate in the Nose Day charity collection by text message.  Text NP 710415 to 16499. The text message donation is worth EUR 10.

Some Nose Day donations will be directed to Trade Union Solidarity Centre of Finland SASK. SASK is doing important work so that human rights would be respected in developing countries, and for ensuring decent pay for work. SASK also campaigns against child labour. JHL is a member organisation of SASK.