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Deliveries of membership cards and calendars have started

Members of Trade Union JHL who have ordered the 2022–2024 plastic membership card will receive it with the Motiivi magazine issue that comes out in November. In case a member has also ordered the pocket calendar, it will be sent along with the other items.

Deliveries to JHL members have started during week 45. Union members will be sent a package with Motiivi magazine issue 7/2021, an accompanying letter, a 2022 calendar and a 2022–2024 membership card which is valid for three years.

Special membership card for members aged 70 years and older

JHL’s retired members who are 70 years of age or older will receive their own orange membership card by post.  This membership card no longer includes travel insurance.

Retired members who turn 70 during the membership card’s validity period will receive the retired member card shortly before their 70th birthday. Until then, their pink JHL membership card, in which travel insurance is included, will remain valid.

If you haven’t received post from us

Get in touch by e-mail:, or call 010 7703 430, Mon–Thu from 9 am to 12 pm. Please note: It is no longer possible to order the 2022 member calendar through myJHL. You should have made the order by 23 September 2021. Check with the regional offices for next year’s calendars. Calendars will be sent retroactively until the end of January 2022, if there are calendars left.

If you have a mobile card

Members and student members with the mobile card will receive an accompanying letter, the member calendar they ordered, and the Motiivi magazine, but not the plastic membership card. Those with the mobile card can order the traditional plastic card from myJHL.