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JHL: Pay raises must improve purchasing power, low-pay sectors need additional raises

During the upcoming round of collective agreement negotiations, Trade Union JHL will be aiming for clear pay raises. The raises must mainly be paid as general raises to all employees. Low-pay sectors need so-called targeted raises to level out unjustified differences in pay.

During next winter’s round of negotiations, JHL will not wait and observe raises in other sectors. In the negotiations, the union is aiming for improvements in its members’ income level. Kristian Karrasch, JHL’s Bargaining Director for public agreement sectors, emphasises that every professional deserves a living wage.

– Employers are speaking with one voice saying that there is an urgent shortage of competent employees in various sectors. I can give you a free tip: Once the pay and working conditions are in order, it’s a lot easier to find good employees.

Most of the raises must be paid as general raises to all employees within the agreement’s coverage. The best way to diminish unjustified differences in pay is by paying some of the raises in percentages and some in euros. This would be a mixed approach.

In addition to pay, JHL is aiming for clear improvements in working hours. Employees feel better, there are fewer absences from work, and the company’s results improve when working hours can be adjusted according to one’s life situation. Employees need to be able to get involved in the planning of shifts.

Mari Keturi, JHL’s Bargaining Director for private agreement sectors, clarifies: “One can greatly increase well-being and work productivity in many agreement sectors by focusing on the time one is committed to the work, and on healthy and safe shifts.”

During the upcoming round of negotiations, Trade Union JHL will pay even more attention to local agreement.

– We want to increase local agreement on many matters. The message of our member survey is clear – local agreements are always negotiated by shop stewards or JHL’s member branches, not by single members. The national collective agreement, on the other hand, stipulates the minimum terms and conditions that will not be compromised on locally, Kristian Karrasch clarifies.

In October, JHL’s Executive Committee approved the union’s general goals for the negotiations. Negotiations in JHL’s largest agreement sectors will mainly be conducted in the late winter of 2022.

More information:

Bargaining Director Kristian Karrasch, public agreement sectors 040 728 9046
Bargaining Director Mari Keturi, private agreement sectors 050 461 9315