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Recruiting new members always pays off – now you can get a EUR 500 gift card for it

Ask your co-worker, friend, or casual acquaintance to join Trade Union JHL today! This November, your trade union is starting a member recruitment campaign. The best member recruitment stunts of early winter will be rewarded with a hefty gift card to JHL Shop!

Did you know: A common reason for someone not joining a trade union is that they haven’t been asked to! Member of Trade Union JHL, you can fix that right now if you like. You can refer your co-worker to join JHL on a jogging path or in the break room of your workplace.

If you’re not yet a JHL member yourself, join right away!

Join JHL

Your trade union JHL is starting its traditional member recruitment weeks in November. When you become a member by 15 November, your trade union will give you a free coffee and bun. We will send the gift code directly to your e-mail or phone. Codes are sent twice a week, have patience if you don’t receive your code immediately.

Any member of JHL can become a member recruiter. Read our 6+1 hot tips for recruiting a new member!

Smooth recommendation of membership will earn you bonus points!

You can also suggest JHL membership through the union’s own system for recommendation! The recommendation message can be sent by text message, WhatsApp, Messenger or e-mail.

Recommend membership now!

Your trade union wants to reward you for member recruitment with bonus awards! Every time you recruit a new union member, you’ll get points on your account. The points enable you to redeem products from our wide selection. Learn about JHL Bonus Awards and start recruiting members today!

Magnificent rewards for the best

This year, JHL is also looking for branches that are actively recruiting new members. We will give out a EUR 500 gift card. Rewards will be given out in these categories:

  • The branch that has recruited the largest number of new members
  • The branch that has recruited the largest number of new members in relation to its previous number of members
  • Most impressive member recruitment stunt
  • Most creative way of recruiting new members.

Suggest an impressive stunt or the most creative way of recruiting new members by 16 November. Send your suggestion to jä In the message, give short reasons for your suggestion. Also remember to tell whether it’s allowed to use your suggestion and artwork in JHL’s website and social media channels. We need separate publication permissions for web and social media. An informal notification is enough.

More members, stronger union

Member recruitment always pays off. More JHL members equals a stronger trade union. That means more authority when negotiating about, say, pay raises.