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Say out loud how your trade union has to change: Nominate yourself in JHL’s elections now!

In the JHL Union Council, you get to decide the direction in which your trade union will take Finnish working life. You have the chance to become a Union Council representative in the elections which will be held in February 2022. Candidate nomination is open, make your tone of voice heard!

Should there be a four-day working week in Finland, and should trade union JHL push for this? Should we hold on to the general applicability of collective agreements? Or is it more important to subsidise the costs of biking to and from work like other forms of commute are subsidised? In the JHL Union Council, you get to speak up about these statements.

The candidate nomination for JHL elections started on 1 October. Nomination is open until 15 December.

How to make your voice heard

There are two ways for you to nominate yourself for the Union Council. JHL’s branches nominate their own candidates in their meetings. Let your branch know you are willing to become a candidate.

You can also make your voice heard by founding a constituency association. For that, you will need three people who are JHL members and who belong to the same electoral district.

You can found a constituency association with this form. Remember to deliver the necessary documents to the regional office of your electoral district by 3 pm on 15 December.

For more exact details related to the elections, read JHL’s elections rules (in Finnish).