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Additional membership benefits for JHL members: Free trial period for digital newspapers, extended free period for e-books and audiobooks

Make use of JHL’s latest, free membership benefit and get access to daily news media in digital format! As a member of trade union JHL, you get to read a digital newspaper for a month without commitment. In addition, BookBeat’s free period has been extended to 40 days.

Your trade union JHL’s latest membership benefit involves a free one-month subscription to a digital newspaper. As a JHL member, you get to select which of the newspapers below you wish to subscribe to for free for one month.

Digital newspapers available for order

  • HS Digi
  • Aamulehti Digi
  • Satakunnan Kansa Digi

The trial period for Sanoma’s digital newspapers is temporary, it doesn’t commit you to make extension subscriptions.
To make use of the benefit, make your order at the latest on 31 December 2021 (site in Finnish).

BookBeat has extended its free period

You now get to try out the BookBeat audiobook service for free for 40 days! During the trial period, you will get access to BookBeat Premium, a service with which you can listen to and read an unlimited number of e-books and audiobooks from a selection of over 300,000 books.

To redeem the benefit, go here (site in Finnish): and start listening.

Please note: The benefit is valid for new BookBeat users.

After the trial period, your order will continue automatically in accordance with the package you selected (starting from €9.99 a month). BookBeat has no set period for orders, you can discontinue your order whenever you wish.