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The SOTE agreement enters into force, are you covered by it? – See who needs to take action and which action one should take

The SOTE agreement enters into force today, on 1 September. Approximately 180,000 health and social services employees of the municipal sector will be covered by the agreement. Employers need to notify their employees personally of the agreement change. After that, we wish that you will also update the agreement sector change in your information in the union’s member register.

The health and social services sector agreement (SOTE agreement) enters into force on 1 September. Approximately 180,000 health and social services professionals will be covered by the new agreement instead of their previous agreements (General collective agreement for the municipal sector KVTES and the collective agreement for technical personnel TS). The change also concerns a very large number of JHL members.

Am I covered by the SOTE agreement?

Employers must notify the employees that the applied collective agreement will change. If you receive no notification within reasonable time, and you suspect that you may be one of those who will be covered by the SOTE agreement, ask your supervisor if this is the case.

If your supervisor doesn’t give you a clear answer, turn to your shop steward to clarify the matter.

You can also visit our website to check the general principles on who will be covered by the SOTE agreement.

Update your information in the member register

When you’ve received information that your collective agreement will change, update your membership information in myJHL.

To change your collective agreement in myJHL, go to MEMBER INFORMATION -> EMPLOYMENTS. At the same time, you should check that your other information is up to date as well, for example your contact information which you can find under PERSONAL INFORMATION.

It is important that the information in our member register is correct and up to date. This enables JHL to continue to send important collective agreement sector messages to you.

If you haven’t logged into myJHL yet, create a login and password for the service. Before that, you can also visit our website about myJHL.