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JHL issues a strike warning to three sectors

(Heikki Jokinen, 20 February 2018)

JHL has threatened industrial action in three sectors where the collective bargaining process is deadlocked.

There are several unions behind these possible industrial actions, The Trade Union for the Public and Welfare Sectors JHL is not acting alone.

One of these warnings would lead to a one day strike at the University of Helsinki on 28 February.

According to the unions the negotiations are deadlocked because the Finnish universities are being intransigent in their wish to dictate salaries and are unwilling to negotiate on terms of work to develop working life.

Another strike warning has been given to private kindergartens. If this should happen, the strike would close several private kindergartens for two days 7-8 March.

The employers, in this case, refused to continue negotiations on 15 February and the unions felt they were left with no alternative but to threaten industrial action.

The unions also want to improve the situation of those with zero-hour contracts. Many companies are offering zero-hour contracts even when there is a constant need of labour.

“Some of the employees might even have two zero-hour contracts for the same company brand. This is a way to circumvent employment security by immoral means”, says JHL Bargaining Officer Kalle Honkanen.

A third strike may take place at several Southern Finnish private educational institutions. Strikes are targeted at only a part of the educational institutions and would take place 5-9 March.

According to the unions they are simply demanding a pay rise which is in line with practically all the other collective agreements approved in this round of collective bargaining, but the employers offer is clearly below this.

At the moment JHL has nine sectors where the old collective agreement has expired but not yet been replaced by a new one. The three mentioned above are among those.