Get involved in solidarity work

As a member of JHL, you have the opportunity to participate in solidarity work organised by the union, its local branches or its partners.

Local projects

JHL has a lively project work culture and the local branches have several ongoing local projects. An organisation called Pohjoismainen solidaarisuussäätiö (‘The Nordic Solidarity Foundation’) supports local solidarity projects. If you need financial support for your project, please ask for further details about applying for a project grant from JHL's International Officer Eveliina Petälä tel. +358 10 7703 219.


JHL coordinates and participates in campaigns. A current campaign is "Water is a human right" ('Vesi on perusoikeus') that collected nearly 2 million signatures for the first European Citizens’ Initiative. The initiative will be heard and processed by the European Parliament and the European Commission. The main goal of the campaign and the initiative is to have  the European Union declare water as a human right. Follow the process and success of the initiative in English at

Cooperation with SASK

The Trade Union Solidarity Centre of Finland (SASK) has several campaigns that aim to improve working conditions and trade union rights in the developing countries. Learn more about SASK.

By joining SASK as a supportive member, local branches and individual members can demonstrate their solidarity with the trade union movement in the developing countries and support the work of SASK in its efforts to increase justice and fair play in the world.


Fairtrade is an ethical approach to consuming and a form of solidary action. You can support the producers in developing countries by making fair consumption choices for yourself, your local branch and your company or organisation! Read more about Fairtrade.

The Decent Work programme

JHL’s local branches can contribute by emphasising the importance of ethical consumption at the workplaces and that our consumption choices do affect working conditions in the developing countries. JHL supports the Decent Work programme of Finnwatch, which investigates the working conditions of employees in Finnish companies operating in developing countries.




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