Shop stewards

Shop stewards are the most important employee representatives at the workplace, along with the ombudsmen for occupational safety. The shop stewards represent JHL members at the workplace and help out with unclear issues and puzzling questions.

Every member has the right to participate in electing the shop steward – or to be elected for the position.


You are the right person for the job if you

  • know your workplace well
  • are interested in hearing the views of others
  • want to represent and support other employees
  • want to give advice and help out with employment issues
  • feel a need to improve conditions at the workplace
  • are good at communicating and conveying information

As a shop steward, you have a chance to influence and improve conditions at the workplace.

The status of shop stewards is secured by law in the Employment Contracts Act and by superior protection against dismissal in collective agreements.

JHL offers shop stewards full support in handling their duties: paid training, advice and support and networking possibilities. JHL publishes the Aktiivi magazine for shop stewards.

Latest update: 12/21/15

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