MotiiviUnion magazine Motiivi

The union magazine Motiivi is mailed to members at their home address 11 times a year. The magazine features current issues on various occupations and workplaces, keeping the members up-to-date on what’s going on in working life. Motiivi provides information on training possibilities, different events and new membership benefits.

Aktiivi magazine

Aktiivi is a magazine for members in positions of trust at workplaces and local branches. The magazine focuses on advocacy of interests and union activities.

JHL website and the 24h Member Service

The official JHL website is available to everyone without restriction. My JHL pages and the 24h Member Service are for members only.

My JHL pages offer more detailed information on advocating interests, collective agreements, professional fields and membership benefits. JHL members also have an opportunity to network online with colleagues.

VIa the 24h Member Service members can easily update their contact information and details on employment and occupation, sign up for JHL training and benefit from various membership discounts. They can also check who is the key contact person in their local branch.

Pocket diary

A useful time management tool in a handy size for pocket or purse. Mailed to all JHL members every year.


JHL members receive a 10 € annual discount on labour newspapers subscription.

Furthermore, some local branches grant additional assistance for subscribing labour newspapers. Ask more from your own local branch.

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Latest update: 3/29/17

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