Holiday resorts

JHL offers its members the possibility to spend their holiday at low cost in various holiday resorts.

Holiday Centre Livohka

nuotiokahvit.jpg : 24 kB Holiday Centre Livohka is situated by the beautiful Lake Livojärvi in Posio, Lapland. The centre is intended primarily for member-use.

The holiday centre is situated next to the Hirsiniemi camping area, offering visitors marvellous experiences typical of northern Finland: undisturbed tranquility and great opportunities for hiking, skiing and fishing. The Ruka and Kirintovaara (in Posio) skiing centres are also close by.

Levimaja cottages

The Levimaja cottage in the village of Sirkka in Kittilä, Lapland, and the holiday timeshare in Levitunturi, Lapland, are primarily intended for the use of local branches. Depending on the booking situation, they can also be rented by members.

Suojala cottage

The cottage located in the beautiful, quiet lake-side municipality of Hartola in southern Finland is intended primarily for training and recreational use by the local branches, but is also available for private members and their families, if the booking situation allows.

Hamara cottage

The Hamara cottage, situated in the village of Unarin-Luusua in Sodankylä, northern Lapland, and owned by the Training and Holiday Fund for the Health Care Sector, is available for JHL members and local branches to rent.

Laakasalo Villa

The Training and Holiday Fund for the Health Care Sector offers a villa located in the Laakasalo Holiday and a course centre in Loppi, southern Finland, for the use of JHL members and their families. Laakasalo and the surrounding area offer a wide variety of options for recreation.

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