Strong advocacy

JHL - Union for welfare professionalsAs a JHL member, you are not alone! We support our members in all work-related issues. If you encounter any problems at the workplace, JHL will be there to give you advice and support. Our extensive network is at your service and you can always count on our shop stewards and JHL Actives at the workplace, local branches, and experts in the regional offices and the central office. The services and support of our experts and advisers are only available to JHL members.

Collective agreements

The most significant benefit for members are the collective agreements that JHL negotiates. The greater the number of members, the better terms and conditions we are able to negotiate. JHL concludes collective agreements both in the public services and private welfare services sectors.

Public sector collective agreements:

• Municipalities
• Joint municipal authorities
• The state, and state and municipal offices
• Companies and enterprises owned by the above
• The church sector

Collective agreements in the private sector:

• Social services
• Health care
• Training and education
• Counselling services
• Transport
• Infrastructure services
• The energy sector

The primary contacts for members in safeguarding their interests are the shop stewards and chief shop stewards at their respective workplaces. They monitor the implementation of collective agreements, interpret their contents, conduct negotiations with employers and contribute to improving the terms of employment.

JHL’s regional offices and union officers are available for help in all questions concerning collective agreements.

Support and help

If problems arise at the workplace, the shop steward, the nearest regional office and the central office personnel are there to support and help members. Non-members are on their own, without the support of experienced professionals specialised in advocating employees' interests.

The primary aim is to solve disputes at the workplace. If for some reason local negotiations are not successful and the employer’s actions are clearly against the law, legal proceedings can also be considered. We provide free legal aid for our members in proceedings arising from employment contracts.

In the event of a strike, members are entitled to the union’s industrial action benefit.

Member services

Membership issues are handled by local branches, regional offices and the central office. The Membership Services Unit offer help in matters related to membership fees. They also help you in issues concerning exemption from the membership fee.

24h Member Service (in Finnish)

/files/images/logot/24h_jasenpalvelu_logo_eng.jpg : 14Kb The 24h Member Service is a web service available for members only. It offers up-to-date information on issues such as membership benefits, agreements and union activities.  

The online service offers JHL members the opportunity to:

  • Update their contact information and details on employment and occupation
  • Sign up for JHL training
  • Receive information about collective agreements 
  • Join one of JHL’s occupational networks uniting professionals of a particular field 
  • Benefit from membership discounts

To access the service, you have to log in:

When you log in for the first time, use your social security number as password (e.g. 140662-123A).

Latest update: 12/21/15

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