JHL ā€“ minding our members

JHL members At work, we can achieve more together than alone.
By joining JHL, you gain more influence over your working conditions and future. The more members we have, the better terms we can negotiate.

JHL offers an alternative to narrow occupation-based representation of interests. Instead of representing only one specific ocupation, we safeguard the interests of nearly all occupational groups in the public sector and private welfare services.

As a JHL member, you are entitled to:

  • Support in issues of working conditions
  • Advice in questions about your employment relationship and pay
  • Services of a shop steward
  • Services of JHL's regional offices
  • Legal services
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Versatile training possibilities
  • Other significant membership benefits

On these pages, you will find all relevant information about JHL membership.
Follow the example of nearly 220,000 employees who have chosen JHL ā€“ join us today!

Latest update: 3/29/17

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